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Last update: 08 january 2020


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your web browser at the request of a site that you visit. This allows the site you are visiting to remember certain things about you, such as your preferences and history, or to keep you connected. Cookies can be stored on your computer for a short period (for example only when your browser is open) or for an extended period, even years. Cookies not set by this site will not be accessible to us.


Registration and maintenance of your preferences. This includes making sure you can stay connected and keeping the site in the language or appearance you requested. Analytic. This allows us to determine how people use the site and to improve it. Advertising cookies (possibly third party). If this site displays advertising, cookies may be installed by advertisers to determine who has seen an advertisement or similar things. These cookies can be installed by third parties, in which case this site does not have the capacity to read or write these cookies. Other third party cookies for things like Facebook or Twitter sharing. These cookies will generally be set by the third party independently, so this site will not be able to access them.

Thrid Party Cookies

It is possible for third parties to set their own cookies alongside ours to perferm their part of work. We make sur our third parties are complying to Terms of Services, Privacy Policies and Cookie Usages in a similar manner than us and that they have the expertise to complete their necessary tasks. Be sure to visit them if you're unsured.

List of third parties which could set cookies: Google, Tebex (Buycraft), LetsEncrypt, Stripe, Paypal.

Disabling Cookies

We are not responsable for any events that may occur when disabling the use of cookies. All cookies from GovMinecraft are necessary for the website to fully function. If you are not in agreement with the present Cookie Usage statement, stop all usage of the website.

Please read GovMinecraft's Cookie Usage to know more about how we use and preserve your data.