Here are the detailed rules, you can view the abridged version in-game.


Thank you for playing on GovMinecraft's server! Here are the detailed rules They are meant to make the server an enjoyable place to play.

Family Friendly and Language

No swearing is allowed. The highest profany allowed are slangs like "damn" when used in a fitting context. It is to the staff's discretion to decide of the consequences, which can go from a mute of a set time to a ban if necessary.

The server's language of operation is English stricly, from the global chat to the private messages and any other way the language can be used. Proofs in other languages (example: scamming problem but the language used was other than english) is not a usable and will result in consequences for both sides.

Respect Others

Respect any players, whenever they are players or members of the staff.

If you encounter a troublesome player, please don't strike back and report it to staffs. They will handle it without you being caught up as colaterale and without giving a bad example for all the other players of the server.

Begging for anything is considered spam and harrasment.

Lying to a staff will give you more problems than saying the truth.

Unless you are in an official PvP enabled zone, you cannot directly/undirectly kill players. Leave space between protected spawn areas and teleport zones. Creating a gang to cover up blindspots and "farm" players is not accepted and can be punishable by a ban.

No Exploits, Cheats/Hacks

Using ALTs in a way that gives the player using them a greatly better advantage than the number of normally resulting players (example: a player using 4 Alts and his main account counts as 5, so he would be compared to 5 players) can be punishable by a ban. This is judged by the staff's judgments and it is not debatable. The best way to stay clear of this exploit is to just have one account as you main, since using ALTs is not a supported way to power up.

Using any types of hack that the server does not detect does not imply that you can use them.

If you find any types of exploits, cheat and/or hacks, report it immediatly to a staff. Finding out that you saved some exploits benefits to yourself before reporting the bug can will be punishable by a ban.

No Spam

Successive repetitions are not allowed as well as bypassing the chat filter.

Constant begging and begging as a whole is not allowed.

Sending URL links in global chat is a form of spam.

FULL CAPITALIZED messages are not allowed.

The spam is not restricted to the listed above and the problem will be taken cared off by the staff's sole discretion.

No Advertising

Advertising in any form for any products, servers, etc. not from GovMinecraft is not allowed and will result in consequences that can go to a ban.

For in-game goods, use the dedicated chats or tools and space out your interventions.

Minecraft Account

Only real Minecraft clients are allowed to connect to the server. Success in logging in with a cracked account will result is a ban. Please support the game by buying it.

Players using alternative accounts (knowns as ALTs) to boost themselves is not punishable when done with integrity. Thus, in no means GovMinecraft will push updates to accomodate their uses.

Using ALTs to break the rules will result of a ban of all the doer's accounts.

Independant player accounts on the same IP is accepted, but breaking the rule will touch all the players of that IP if there is no proof for the other players of that household.

Normally, name changes should not affect your in-game data, but it is recommended to notify a staff in case there are problems with the process.

IRL Currency Trading

This behavior is not accepted, you cannot trade currencies, virtual goods or anything related to the GovMinecraft's network to other players with Hard Currencies. Doing so can result in a ban. Use the server's implemented methods to trade Soft Currencies and Virtual Goods.

Please read GovMinecraft's Cookie Usage to know more about how we use and preserve your data.