Custom Economy Server With Some Action!


Your choice!

Build, Hoard, Buy, Hunt... Whichever is the most enjoyable for you we have it! Our server has many plugins to satisfy all the various types of gameplays. Of course, don't forget to play with the guideline on mind so everyone can enjoy their play time equally.


View the server's special integrations in details here if the in game GUI is not enough to help you!

Dynamic Map

Visit our interactive dynamic map to get a grasp of GovMinecraft's districts and worlds.

Rules / Guideline

View the server's rules and be informed of the what and what not to-do. Don't forget that not respecting the rules only makes it harder for everyone, since they are there to enhance the gameplay.'


You can use the forum to be in contact with the community and find news and events of GovMinecraft!.

Got questions? Contact us!

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